Richmond’s Partnering and Circle of Satisfaction form an integral element of the company’s management and production processes, ensuring best value products and services are delivered.


Successful working partnerships and customer satisfaction are paramount at Richmond. Adherence to the principles of Partnering and the support service guarantee customers receive an exceptional service.

Richmond activity encourages input from customers, suppliers and end-users to ensure that these support services facilitate a successful end result.

Strategic partnering enables delivery of best value products and services.


Richmond considers long-term co-operative relationships with customers and suppliers a pre-requisite for delivering best value.

Richmond values and encourages:

  • Trust – to encourage cohesion
  • Focus – on the client and end user
  • Define – clearly defined KPI’s
  • Effective – management of timescales
  • Structure – process management
  • Reward – sharing rewards and managing costs
  • Long-term – strong long-term partnerships

Working together benefits all. The formation of a partnership reduces costs and time, and significantly contributes to improving and maintaining the project process, ensuring a seamless supply chain.

Richmond is an experienced company with proven working partnerships. By embracing the partnering ethos Richmond is a willing, able and flexible partner sharing knowledge and innovation.

Richmond is committed to customer satisfaction.

The Circle of Satisfaction demonstrates the key aspects of the company’s superior customer management process, often tailored to suit the requirements of the customer.