Environmental policies

We are the greener choice for kitchens


Corporate, social and environmental responsibility is at the heart of Richmond’s operations. We maintain an outlook that encourages the fulfilment of environmental objectives and is continually conscious of its potential environmental impact.

To meet the current environmental challenges, we have developed a Quality and Environmental manual to define the policy and the requirements of ISO 14001. The management team provide the leadership to ensure the policy is understood, implemented and complied with across the company.

Follow the production process of our kitchens from sourcing through to delivery to see the full extent of our green credentials.

Where do our cabinets come from?

Our cabinet board manufacturer pursues a far reaching environmental policy and adheres to the strict ecological regulations laid down by the wood processing industry.
A considerable amount of the raw material used in the manufacturing of or chipboard is harvested from woodland within the catchment area of the UK manufacturing plant.

The cabinets are made from a mix of 45% recycled material and 55% sustainable sources.
In addition, very little waste is generated during the manufacturing of chipboard, as almost all by products are used, whether as raw material or as an energy source.

Fine tuning the manufacturing process

We operate an integrated waste extraction and biomass fuel plant that provides energy to heat the entire site and eliminates the need for natural gas. The biomass boiler has reduced the demand for landfill skips from 10 skips per week to as few as one.

All old lighting tubes are replaced with new more energy efficient ones as a matter of course and are disposed of in accordance with the Waste electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE Directive).
Furthermore, water-based paints and lacquers are used for finishing (eliminates CFCs). The emissions from our spray booths are checked and monitored regularly for pollution.

Packaging and delivering our kitchen’s with the environment in mind

We use recycled and biodegradable packaging and products. Our packaging is kept to a minimum and we are further developing products and processes to reduce the need for unnecessary materials and for the re- use of packaging.
We are also use double decker vehicles as a more efficient use of space, so fewer journeys are required. This means less fuel consumption and fewer emissions.


How do we recycle?

  • We have a number of successful recycle and environmental schemes in place including
  • The facility for customers to return, re-use and recycle pallets.
  • A redundant kitchen recycle programme.
  • The use of ABS edging as opposed to PVC which greatly reduces environmental impact.
  • Conformance to the highly regarded environmental standard, BS EN ISO 14001:2004
  • A commitment to reducing our carbon footprint.
  • Only purchasing timber and timber based products that are sourced from certified sustainable sources.


Richmond is a member of The Furniture Industry Sustainability programme (FISP). The scheme has rapidly become established as the independent environmental and sustainability certification scheme for the furniture industry. It has developed into the industry forum on all environmental and sustainable issues relating to all aspects of the industry’s business. FISP goes further than existing standards by addressing all areas from purchasing and procurement right through to end of product life, including social, ethical and employment concerns as well as waste, energy and emissions.

FISP accreditation demonstrates that Richmond is taking its environmental and corporate social responsibilities seriously.