Building Communities

At the heart of Richmond’s company ethos is a commitment to social responsibility, we have successfully engaged in a number of contracts, working directly with Social Enterprises and Supported Businesses, to help build communities and provide improvements in human and environmental well-being. These partnerships support Richmond’s Corporate Social Responsibility policy whilst enabling best value products and services to be delivered.

Richmond’s model focuses on creating local employment for both disabled people and the long term unemployed. Although a nationwide supplier we are committed to local business values and building communities. The impact of our initiatives on the community is multifold, not only delivering financial benefits for the individual and the local economy but most importantly the impact on the individual is immeasurable in terms of positive self-esteem and personal development.

The story so far …..

Richmond is currently operating contracts through Social enterprises in various locations throughout the UK and has several new exciting opportunities in the pipeline working with authorities keen to develop new initiatives. These contracts validate Richmond’s commitment to social inclusion, promoting equality of opportunities for those suffering social exclusion and eliminating discrimination.

Richmond’s initiative’s in action…

Norman industries

An example of our policy in action is Norman industries, it is an established social enterprise in Pembrokeshire specialising in the design and the manufacture of furniture for over thirty years. It is member of the British Association for supported employment (BASE) currently employing fifteen people, fourteen of whom are disabled. Richmond has partnered with Norman Industries to supply kitchens to local council projects by supplying kitchen piece parts that are then assembled at Norman Industries. This rewarding initiative not only provides employment for disabled people but also supports local businesses.

Accommodation Furniture Solutions Ltd (AFS Ltd)

Richmond has formed an alliance with AFS ltd to act as a local assembler for their kitchen fitting and accommodation contracts. , the company was established by seven ex-Remploy employees who joined together to form a worker co-operative on the site of the former Remploy Factory in Fforestfach, Swansea. They assemble and manufacture furniture for various markets and its owners already have ambitious plans to expand and offer to more ex-Remploy employees the chance to become involved. The new co-operative aims to utilise the extensive knowledge and skills available in the ex-Remploy workforce and the existing customer relationships to build a profitable, sustainable business.
Richmond’s ambition for AFS is to develop a customer base and also manufacture and supply Student Accommodation Furniture. Richmond are proud to be associated with the AFS team who have come a long way since losing their jobs at Remploy Swansea in 2012, showing determination and drive to create a successful business under very difficult circumstances.

The future…..

Richmond will continue to focus on strategically partnering with social enterprises; we have numerous opportunities currently in discussion and are committed to delivering a manufacturing model that has social responsibility and building local communities at its heart.
Our proactive approach has developed a model that can be replicated across the UK, delivering tangible results in helping create local employment for both disabled people and the long-term unemployed. In turn the results not only help build communities but provide improvements in human and environmental well-being.

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